Troubled Love

Troubled Love:Child Abuseand Munchausen ObjectivesThe purpose of this article is to describe current knowledge about Munchausen syndrome by proxy and to recommend a compassionate and informed response to children and families who struggle with it.At the end of this article, you will be able to:Provide a current professional definition of Munchausen by proxyExplain how victims and perpetrators of Munchausen by proxy are identifiedDescribe compassionate, expert nursing interventions during the management of MBPObtain one continuing education hour for this course, #510A, by completing this exam. Clinical nurse specialist Margaret Ecker,

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Unwelcome Return – Pertussis

 HomeHelp   Respiratory IllnessUnwelcome ReturnFormer foe pertussis on the rise againBy Barbara Barzoloski-O’Connor, RN, MSNNovember 1, 2004 Print ArticleReply to ArticleE-Mail article Bordetella pertussis More NurseWeek Features Smoke-Free Zone Nurses and patients tackle nicotine addiction Bloodless Survival  Surgical techniques to use when transfusion drops out of the equation Respiratory etiquetteTo prevent the transmission of all respiratory infections in health care settings, including influenza, the following infection control measures should be implemented at the first point of contact with a potentially infected person or those with signs and symptoms of a respiratory infection.During periods of

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Form 2

All information on this form is encrypted and delivered on a secure server. Your information is totally secure from theft. Contributors' names and information will not be sold, rented, or traded. Your privacy is assured.I would like contribute to (you must complete all fields). All contributions are tax-deductible ( is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization).I want to contribute: $25 as a Supporting Donor (receives Bosnia Quagmire pamphlet) $50 as a Sustaining Donor (receives Prophets on the Right) $100 as a Blue Chip Donor (receives above books plus Justin Raimondo's Reclaiming the American Right) $500+ as a Consulting Donor (receives above books plus Reclaiming

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Reel Gem

Nurse filmmaker chronicles the history of all-African-American hospital

The legendary Ida B. Northcross, formerly chief of surgical nursing services at Homer G. Phillips Hospital for Colored, appears in the film "A Jewel in History: The Story of Homer G. Phillips Hospital for Colored."

The story of Homer G. Phillips Hospital for Colored captivated Mukulla Godwin, MS, RN, about a year after the facility was gone. She heard about the St. Louis hospital in 1980 from a fellow nurse at San Francisco General Hospital. The nurse, Paula

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Importance Of Keeping Your Health Check-Ups Up-To-Date

Keeping yourself constantly healthy is not an easy task. There are so many factors that can contribute to the downfall or the improvement of your own health. This is especially difficult since no one is born the same. Thus, everything about every single one of us is different. What we’re allergic to, what we lack, what we have more of, our metabolism, even how big or tiny our bladder is. The bigger picture here is your health in the long run. This is not only for yourself, though. You can also remind your loved ones and the people close to you to regularly go for a health check-up. Surely, they’ll appreciate you for reminding them which just shows that you genuinely care for them and want them to be healthy.

If you’re not aware of how important it is for you to get regular check-ups, here are some reasons:

To battle the current pandemic

Currently, in 2020, we are all battling a pandemic known as the Coronavirus or Covid-19. Most countries have it worse than others and have become accustomed to living and going through their daily lives wearing face masks. Be it a cloth...

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Why hygiene is important?

If you do not have some hygiene products, try to buy it from the online grocery Malaysia nearest to you or try to buy it from a pharmacy or drugstore. Taking a deep consideration for your personal hygiene lowers the risk of viruses being spread. Not to mention, it is important to regularly wash your hands, as that is the first part of your body that may be attacked. Also, considering the fact that we use our hands often, it is important to make sure to keep it clean.

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Reasons Why Medical Misinformation Is Often Spread Through Social Media (And How To Prevent It)

Also, if you want to spread your brand name, you can easily market your business by looking through all available Malaysia social media marketing services to find the best social marketing services Malaysia in KL, or even start social marketing services in Malaysia of your own if you’re good at social media and are looking for a job. On the bad end of the spectrum, though, social media is also a breeding ground for all sorts of negative things - anonymous hate, stranger danger situations, and, of course, the spread of medical misinformation.

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Problems That Nurses Go Through

What if some of them are single mothers? They would have to support themselves and their children without getting financial support from other people. That is unimaginably tough honestly. I cannot comprehend the struggles they are willing to go through as nurses. I think nurses should consider having side income in order to support their lives, such as joining the broker Malaysia and have to do the online share trading Malaysia and online stock trading Malaysia, at least they would have extra money and would not have to worry about insufficient funds.

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