The Importance of Nurses in Healthcare System

Even in movies, the importance of nurses are portrayed. For example in Harry Potter, Madam Pomfrey, the head of the nurse at Hogwarts hospital, visualizes the importance of a nurse. Is there anything that this nurse is not capable of? Perhaps she can even tell you which harry potter house are you. Who knows?

Legacies of Courage

Families, colleagues remember heroic nurses who lost their lives Sept. 11 in the line of duty

A group gathers at an observation platform at St. Paul's Chapel at Broadway and Vesey in New York City to view the site where the twin towers once stood. All that is left is twisted steel and construction equipment.

Months after the atrocities of Sept. 11, the number of nurses who perished and their stories are still coming to light. At least 10 nurses died that day, either as emergency

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A Long Road to Wound Healing

Because all wounds are not the same, knowing the different phases of healing can result in better wound management and a smoother healing process.

A daunting experience for any clinician is the care of chronic ulcers that have not responded to standard wound care. The presence of edema, peripheral arterial disease (PAD), and tissue ischemia are often reasons that some wounds are hard to heal. Many factors, including pH balance, nutrition, and oxygen concentration, can also contribute to the slow process healing wound.

To understand why

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Suffering in Silence

Suffering in silenceCalifornia’s agricultural industry booms, but health care of low-paid farm workers remains neglected    The same farmworkers who help pull in a massive $26.7 billion worth of crops sold annually in California are at risk for chronic diseases caused by poor nutrition, and have limited access to treat those illnesses. Today, 61 years after John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath riveted national attention on the poverty of farm workers, the California Agricultural Worker Health Survey documents just how much more remains to be done to help workers access basic health

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First-Time Parents: Essentials Checklist For Your Newborn Baby

It is understandable that you want to buy a lot more cute accessories for your newborn baby. If you want to do a window shopping of your newborn’s essentials, you can check out more on buy newborn baby products Malaysia. Of course, you would be tempted to buy all of those cute baby products for your newborn. However, you need to know that some items may be necessary, while some other products and items are just fall into your personal preference category.

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Video Games Helps More Than You Think

There are many great video games out there that offer not only entertainment but also as a way of learning new things as each game has a different form of game mechanics. For example, games like Minecraft bedwars server where is a PVP game mode of players trying to destroy each other’s bed to win the game. This itself requires a lot of strategizing and thinking.

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