Perilous Pedicures

Prevention MeasuresDo not shave legs before a pedicure.If you have broken skin or lesions on your legs, do not get a pedicure.Once you enter a salon, look around to see if the salon is clean, free of trash, and set up with clean, sanitized instruments.Ask or watch how the operator cleans the foot spas.If you have any doubts about the cleanliness standards at a salon, call the Department of Consumer Affairs Board of Barbering and Cosmetology at (800) 952-5210.

Having a pedicure can work wonders on your toes, but your shins may not

Inside Strong Medicine COXX

HomeHelp   Inside Strong MedicineActor Josh Coxx gives NurseWeek readers a behind-the-scenes peek  More NurseWeek Features Smoke-Free Zone Nurses and patients tackle nicotine addiction Bloodless Survival  Surgical techniques to use when transfusion drops out of the equation It’s early morning and a group of nurses are setting up a free mammogram clinic at Rittenhouse Women’s Health Center. Peter Riggs, RN, is one of the nurses leading the effort to promote breast cancer education and screening methods.While this may sound like a familiar scenario, this particular incident is a fictitious scene from “Strong Medicine,” a popular Lifetime television drama.

Features – Space

With an astronomical number of people reaching the age of 80 and beyond, even NASA has taken to the study of the elderly. When septuagenarian John Glenn, senator from Ohio, boards the space shuttle mission STS-95 Oct. 29 as a payload specialist, geriatric research will reach beyond the stratosphere.Both NASA and National Institute on Aging (NIA) scientists note that the muscle atrophy, sleep disturbances, balance disorders, bone deterioration, cardiovascular deconditioning, and immune-system depression that astronauts experience in a gravity-free environment mimic the aging process of the earthbound. "Whether the basic

Nurse Shortage

What's going on      You've read the article.Now tell us what you think.  Fresh signs of a growing nursing shortage—more ads, some sign-on bonuses, even new grad programs here and there—are suddenly drawing attention from newspapers, television, and radio news. Is it just the annual rise in demand from the flu, or is it a more real and lasting shift?It’s an unsurprising but spotty shortage, according to Ed O’Neil, PhD, director of the Center for the Health Professions at the University of California, San Francisco, and executive director

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Features – Rural

Rural Technology

Rural settings include more than just cows and picturesque scenes these days. Increasingly, high-tech telecommunications equipment is dotting the countryside as well, making rural health care a less isolated endeavor while expanding opportunities for continuing education."I feel so strongly about the changes that technology is going to precipitate in healthcare delivery in rural and isolated areas," said Mary Wainwright, MS, RN, assistant director for projects and operations with the East Texas Area Health Education Center (AHEC). As part of her work with the program,

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Nurse Activists

Four nurses make activism a part of their nursing practice.

When Judy Frederick, RN saw that immunization rates in areas of the Austin, Texas, school district were low, she worked with school administrators, health care providers, and state and local officials to remedy the situation.

Activism has been a part of Sally Mata’s life for almost as long as the San Jose, Calif., RN can remember. In 1954, labor leader Cesar Chavez — who would later bring international attention to the plight of migrant farm workers

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Myths About Back Pain

Other recommended exercises that are good for your back are swimming, walking, or programs such as the Back in Action Program by Kimberly Clark, a trained professional that offers back pain relief exercises in the form of an eBook. If you have a trained licensed physical therapist, certain exercises could even help to strengthen your back muscles which supports your spine to be able to withstand the stress on your spine while also stabilizing it. A spine-certified physical therapist would also help to provide you

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The Chemical That Can Be used For Medical

About a hundred years ago, chemical substances have been used for medicine and it is proven that it can help in curing most diseases that have been discovered. For your information, chemical supplier Malaysia has offered many different chemical substances that can be afforded at a reasonable price. There are many different types of chemicals that have been used for medicine to help people recover from their disease. For example, antibiotics. Antibiotics or also known as antibacterials is a substance that kills the bacterias or prevents the bacteria from growing any faster

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Bad Food Intake Leads To Bad Lifestyle

You can start by getting healthy food and add it to your food intake and slowly stop consuming the bad ones. Furthermore, I understand that we all live in a global pandemic where it is quite hard for us to even exercise and get the sun. You are always able to get groceries from online grocery malaysia. There, I am sure you can find everything that you need such as fruits, vegetables, other groceries needs, they even sell personal product care for necessities. Just be sure to remind yourself how crucial it is

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How To Create A Website For Your Medical Practice

This is why we mentioned you definitely don’t need to know much technical skills or knowledge in order to create your own website. With the help of website builders, all you have to do is drag and drop the functions and you can create a decent website. You don’t even need to spend money hiring a web developer since there are many free templates around, especially if you decide to go with WordPress. However, to make your website really stand out among the rest, you have to spend a little and download premium

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Reasons Why Your Healthcare Practice Needs a Website

In order to make use of these online platforms, your healthcare practice needs to have a website. Patients would always be searching on Google for the nearest clinic that provides the necessary treatments they are looking for. Hence, with SEO hosting, your website could appear on the first page of search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Google to reach your targeted audience. If you have no clue what SEO hosting is, read about it on Quora. It also explains why it is important. Compared to printing flyers, brochures, paying for full-time staff to handle certain tasks may be very time-confusing and expensive. Handling website costs actually less

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The Automation Industry Improves Human Health.

The answer is the automation industry such as Elcomp is the one who supplies all of the machines to the medical section. In order to help people improve their health and life, Elcomp, an Industrial automation company Malaysia, Malaysia is always committed to helping and providing all of the machines to the hospitals. The medical sector is always relying on the automation industry to keep providing and supplying them with all the machines they need in the hospital to help and cure people such as theRead more

Myths About Back Pain

Other recommended exercises that are good for your back are swimming, walking, or programs such as the Back in Action Program by Kimberly Clark, a trained professional that offers back pain relief exercises in the form of an eBook. If you have a trained licensed physical therapist, certain exercises could even help to strengthen your back muscles which supports your spine to be able to withstand the stress on your spine while also stabilizing it. A spine-certified physical therapist would also help to provide you with easy exercises that will heal back pain such as a bulged disk.

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Interior Design Tips for Healthcare Facilities

Although sanders are often used as finishing touches for most hard surfaces, when it comes to healthcare facilities, antimicrobial coatings along with the sander would be the better option as the final touch for all hard surfaces. A few examples of antimicrobial coating are polymer brushes, graphene materials, and copper. As for sanders, the Black and Decker Orbital Sander and Makita Circular Sander are recommended to be used. All glass, steel or ceramic surfaces should be coated with photoactive pigments to reduce the spread of infections. As for hard surfaces, copper would be the best option as it contains natural antimicrobial qualities that could kill microbes such as

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5 Mins with Milazzo

Vickie L. Milazzo, JD, MSN, RN, is founder and president of the Medical-Legal Consulting Institute Inc., based in Houston, which trains RNs to become legal nurse consultants.A practicing legal nurse consultant since 1982, Milazzo was one of the first nurses to make a career of legal nurse consulting.

How did you go from nurse to legal nurse consultant?Even when I was in nursing school, I knew I was interested in owning a business. I explored different options. One area I was interested in was patient education, and I did some classes for health care consumers. But the system didn't really offer the opportunity to make a business out of

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Boon or Bust?

Nurse practitioners work as part of on-site hospitalist team

More NPs are opting to take advantage of new acute care programs that can prepare them for work in a hospitalist model.

More and more hospitals are using in-house physicians and nurse practitioners to monitor patient care.

"Is this the wave of the future? Yes, because it is already the wave of the present," said Robert Wachter, MD, president of the National Association of Inpatient Physicians and chief of medical services at UCSF, where 20 percent of last year’s internal medicine residents chose to follow the school’s hospitalist track.

"The forces promoting it are only accelerating it," Wachter said.


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A Long Road to Wound Healing

Because all wounds are not the same, knowing the different phases of healing can result in better wound management and a smoother healing process.

A daunting experience for any clinician is the care of chronic ulcers that have not responded to standard wound care. The presence of edema, peripheral arterial disease (PAD), and tissue ischemia are often reasons that some wounds are hard to heal. Many factors, including pH balance, nutrition, and oxygen concentration, can also contribute to the slow process healing wound.

To understand why certain methods of treatment are successful for stubborn wounds, it is imperative to understand the pathophysiology behind wound formation and wound healing and

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Errand Buoys

Automated couriers free nurses from routine tasks

The HelpMate robots, made by the San Diego-based Pyxis Corp., can cart around hospital items, such as food trays, pharmaceuticals, lab specimens, X-rays, bandages and blankets. They save nurses trips to cafeterias, pharmacies and central supply areas, saving hospitals the costs of human couriers.

Years ago, when the pediatric nurses at Danbury Hospital in Connecticut needed a treat for a sick child, they’d have to wait half an hour for a cafeteria runner or leave the unit to get it themselves.

No longer, thanks to a pair of robots named Rosie and Roscoe. Either one will cruise up in a mere five

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The Parent Shift

Working moms and dads find that nursing's 'flex appeal' lets them balance a meaningful career and a family–and more hospitals are opting to accommodate nurses' personal needs

Karen Buenaventura, MSN, RN, said her desire to have children was an important part of her decision to become a nurse 16 years ago. "I knew that I wanted to have a family, and having a career in nursing would allow me to have the time to be with them when they were small."

Pat Marjavi, RN, raised two young children and two teen-agers as a single mother and a nurse. She usually worked three per diem shifts a week, often at

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Reel Gem

Nurse filmmaker chronicles the history of all-African-American hospital

The legendary Ida B. Northcross, formerly chief of surgical nursing services at Homer G. Phillips Hospital for Colored, appears in the film "A Jewel in History: The Story of Homer G. Phillips Hospital for Colored."

The story of Homer G. Phillips Hospital for Colored captivated Mukulla Godwin, MS, RN, about a year after the facility was gone. She heard about the St. Louis hospital in 1980 from a fellow nurse at San Francisco General Hospital. The nurse, Paula Rogers, MSN, RN, had received her training at the Homer G. Phillips School of Nursing and couldn’t believe that her beloved school had

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Little things can make a difference

Keeping in mind the caveat that there are no quick fixes for burnout, consider these tips from professional healthcare counselors:

Ask your employer to establish a weekly or monthly support group.If an entire hospital unit seems to be fatigued, ask that a task force be set up to study solutions.If your job takes a tremendous amount of personal energy, try staying within the same realm, but moving to a less stressful role.If you are a manager, keep your staff informed about changes—it helps take away the sting. Also, allow them to give feedback, which decreases the feeling of powerlessness.Take advantage of any individual

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Back-breaking Drug Costs

Rising prices of prescriptions force older patients to make trade-offs

Americans, especially the elderly population, are taking more prescription drugs and paying more for them than ever before.

Donna Ignatavicius, MS, RN, a certified gerontological nurse in Hughesville, Md., has heard stories of older Americans who resorted to eating dog food, who subsisted on bread and water, who became malnourished so they could afford prescription drugs.

"It’s not uncommon," said Ignatavicius, president of DI Associates Inc., a health care consulting firm. "We hear the older adults say, ‘I’m either going to have to not eat so I can buy my medicines or buy food and give up my medicines.’

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Career Assessment

Planning: Phase 2

Career-Related Books

The Nurse's Career Guide and Companion Workbook, Zardoya E. Eagles, RN, Sovereignty Press, 1997

What Color Is Your Parachute? Richard Bolles, Ten Speed Press, 2000Career Planning for Nurses, National Student Nurses Association, Delmar Publishers, 1997

Nurse Entrepreneurship (text and audio tape) Judy Bluhm, PhD, MA, RN

Writing Well: A Nurse's Handbook. Ann Chalfant

Damn Good Resume Guide Yana Parker

Sweaty Palms: Neglected Art of Being Interviewed Anthony Medley

Career Anthology: Positioning Yourself for Success

Work With Passion, Nancy Anderson, Whatever Publishing, 1998

I Could Do Anything if I Only Knew What It Was, Barbara Sher, Bantam Doubleday, 1994

Finding a Path With a Heart, Dr. Beverly Potter, Ronin Publishing, 1995

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Perilous Pedicures

Prevention MeasuresDo not shave legs before a pedicure.If you have broken skin or lesions on your legs, do not get a pedicure.Once you enter a salon, look around to see if the salon is clean, free of trash, and set up with clean, sanitized instruments.Ask or watch how the operator cleans the foot spas.If you have any doubts about the cleanliness standards at a salon, call the Department of Consumer Affairs Board of Barbering and Cosmetology at (800) 952-5210.

Having a pedicure can work wonders on your toes, but your shins may not fare as well. State health departments in California have been investigating numerous cases of an unusual bacterial skin infection

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Advances in Treatments for Parkinson’s Disease

No one who watched Muhammad Ali struggle to carry the torch in the Atlanta Olympics can forget the devastation of Parkinson’s disease on this once mighty athlete. Those of us in nursing are all too familiar with its ravages. While it leaves mental functions relatively intact, it is devastating to the patients who lose their ability to dress or feed themselves or see their careers destroyed because they can no longer write or use a keyboard. It’s a disease without a cure, but the symptoms can be managed by medical and surgical therapies.

The British physician James Parkinson first described "the shaking palsy" in 1817. However, it wasn’t until

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Name That Drug

Searching for marketability and safety

What’s in a name? Would a drug by any other name work as well?

Certainly, experts agree. But a poor choice of name could affect the marketability of the drug, its safe use, and even Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. With the stakes so high, naming drugs has become an elaborate process.

Developing a competitive drug name involves target audience market research and trademark and linguistic screening, said James L. Dettore, president and CEO of Brand Institute Inc. in Miami. The company is one of the largest developers of brand names and identities in the country. Dettore estimates that approximately 60 percent of

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Public Opinions

Poll reveals consumer attitudes about nursing

Ever wonder what patients, friends, and neighbors think about nursing? A Harris Poll asked about the public’s perceptions of nursing as a profession, what nurses do, and how nurses are educated. The results revealed attitudes that experts say could have far-reaching effects on health and education policy decisions in the next decade.

NurseWeek/HealthWeek and Sigma Theta Tau International, a 250,000-member honor society of nursing, based in Indianapolis, commissioned the public opinion poll, conducted by Louis Harris & Associates Inc. in June. More than 1,000 people nationwide were surveyed.

ScalePercentage11%21%31%42%59%63%79%820%912%1041%When They Grow UpUsing a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being very pleased and 1

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Legacies of Courage

Families, colleagues remember heroic nurses who lost their lives Sept. 11 in the line of duty

A group gathers at an observation platform at St. Paul's Chapel at Broadway and Vesey in New York City to view the site where the twin towers once stood. All that is left is twisted steel and construction equipment.

Months after the atrocities of Sept. 11, the number of nurses who perished and their stories are still coming to light. At least 10 nurses died that day, either as emergency services workers, World Trade Center employees or airline passengers. Four were full-time firefighters.

• • • •

Capt. Kathy Mazza–a former operating room

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Split Decision

Nursing profession ranks low in desirability despite public's high regard for nurses

At a party where the conversation naturally turned to occupations, Kimberly Betzler, MSN, NP, RN, braced herself for The Question. "Oh, you’re a nurse?" her inquisitor said, genuinely pleased at the news.Then with a crinkled nose, "I don’t think I could deal with all those bodily fluids—I don’t think I could be a nurse."Most people generally are happy to learn that someone is tending to the sick and needy, but they’re equally happy it’s not them, said Betzler, a nurse practitioner at Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center in Indianapolis.Recent surveys illustrate the dichotomy between the public’s perception of

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Name Your Price

HomeHelp   Name Your PriceOnline scheduling systems allow staff nurses to bid on open shifts Heather World Nurses and patients tackle nicotine addictionSurgical techniques to use when transfusion drops out of the equation In a typical shift bidding setup, prequalified nurses, such as Jim Hardin, an RN at Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System in North Carolina, can peruse open shifts through the Internet. Nurses may bid only on the facility in which they work, but they may bid on any unfilled shift if they have the credentials, which are spelled out in detail next to the bid. They are asked—but not limited—to bid on shifts in their own units first.When Jim Hardin, RN, creates a

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Sandy Summers

5 Minutes WithHomeHelp   Sandy Summers, on media portrayal of nurses How did you get into nursing?I started as a nurses aide in high school and knew little of nurses’ work. At 16, the media already had me believing nursing was all about serving physicians and being a scut-work saint. Then, I saw a nurse decide to hold a drowsy patient’s Haldol and I was really impressed that nurses had such autonomy.I thought, “Wow, nurses can make independent decisions that affect patient health.” That was it.How did the Center for Nursing Advocacy start?In graduate school, we were learning about advocacy in our nursing leadership class and discussing how we could improve the

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Form 2

All information on this form is encrypted and delivered on a secure server. Your information is totally secure from theft. Contributors' names and information will not be sold, rented, or traded. Your privacy is assured.I would like contribute to (you must complete all fields). All contributions are tax-deductible ( is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization).I want to contribute: $25 as a Supporting Donor (receives Bosnia Quagmire pamphlet) $50 as a Sustaining Donor (receives Prophets on the Right) $100 as a Blue Chip Donor (receives above books plus Justin Raimondo's Reclaiming the American Right) $500+ as a Consulting Donor (receives above books plus Reclaiming the American Right, personally autographed by Justin Raimondo) other amount: $ Name:Address:City:State/Province:Zip or Code:Country:Phone:Email:Type of Card Visa      MC      AMEX     DiscoverCredit Card #Exp. DateYou may also send a check or

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Career Boards

State Boards of NursingAlabama Board of NursingRSA Plaza, Ste 250770 Washington Ave.Montgomery, Ala., 36130Go to Web siteAlaska Board of NursingDept. of Comm. & Econ. DevelopmentDiv. of Occupational Licensing3601 C Street, Ste 722Anchorage, Alaska, 99503Go to Web siteArizona State Board of Nursing1651 E. Morten Ave., Ste 150Phoenix, Ariz., 85020Go to Web siteArkansas State Board of NursingUniversity Tower Building1123 S. University, Ste 800Little Rock, Ark., 72204Go to Web siteCalifornia Board of Registered Nursing400 R Street, Ste 4030Sacramento, Calif., 95814Go to Web siteColorado Board of Nursing1560 Broadway, Ste 880Denver, Colo., 80202Go to Web siteConnecticut Board of Examiners for Nursing Division of Health Systems Regulation410 Capitol Ave., MS# 12 HSRP.O. Box 340308Hartford, Conn.,

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